BA 6:1 - Conceschi et al. 2011 - Abstract  

Effect of Aqueous Extracts from Azadirachta indica and Trichilia pallida on Spodoptera frugiperda (J. E. Smith) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) in Maize

Marcos R. Conceschi, Thiago F. Ansante, Fábio Mazzonetto, José D. Vendramim, Vera L.M. Sossai, Luiz C. Pizetta, Renato Z. Corbani


Insecticidal plants have been studied as an alternative to control Spodoptera frugiperda, an important pest on maize. This work aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of the aqueous extracts from Azadirachta indica (EAI) and Trichilia pallida (ETP) on S. frugiperda fed on maize leaves (hybrid ZB 710) on different forms of application. Pieces of leaves (16 cm2) were immersed by 4 seconds and/or the caterpillars were sprayed with the extracts at the concentration of 5%, and thus transferred to glass tubes and the leaves and/or caterpillars were replaced every 24 h. The biological variables assessed were daily mortality, larval weight, measurements of head capsule width and lengths at the 5th day of evaluation. The design was wholly randomized, composed by seven treatments (control, leaves immersed in EAI, caterpillars sprayed with EAI, leaves immersed and caterpillars sprayed with EAI, leaves immersed in ETP, caterpillars sprayed with ETP, caterpillars sprayed and leaves immersed in ETP), with 40 repetitions per treatment. Results based on survival analysis and multivariate statistics showed that the values of larval mortality, weight, length, and head capsule width were significantly affected when submitted to treatment with immersed leaves and caterpillars sprayed with extract from A. indica and with leaves immersed in this extract.

Key words
- Neem, catigua, insecticidal plants, fall armyworm, botanical extract.

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