BA 6:4 - Santos et al. 2011 - Abstract  

Efficacy of insecticides on Tuta absoluta (Meyrick) and other pests in pole tomato

Antonio Cesar dos Santos, Regiane Cristina Oliveira de Freitas Bueno, Simone Silva Vieira, Adeney de Freitas Bueno


Field studies were conducted on 2001 and 2005 to determine the effectiveness of several insecticides in controlling Tuta absoluta and the impact of this control on the occurrence of other pests on tomato. The tested insecticides with their respective rates per 100 liters of water were: spinosad 4.8, 6.0, 7.2 g. a.i. with and without Break Thru 0.03% v/v; chlorfenapyr 12.0 g. a.i.,  emamectin 2.0 g. a.i. with Joint Oil 0.25 % v/v e indoxacarb 4.8 g. a.i. with Joint Oil 0.25 % v/v. The experiment was designed as randomized complete block with 4 replications per treatment. Trials were evaluated on a weekly basis. All tested treatments, except spinosad without Break Thru,  were effective to control T. absoluta. Considering the pest complex, spinosad + Break Thru was the best treatment mainly because of the best overall performance on the serpentine leafminer Liriomyza spp.

Key words
Lycopersicon esculentum Mill., chemical control, integrated pest management.

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