About the Journal

Focus and Scope

BioAssay (ISSN: 1809-8460) is a fully electronic journal, with the objective of publishing original, current research articles related to evaluation tests of the biological activity of different control agents for arthropods (insects and mites) of agricultural, forestry, urban, veterinary and medical importance. In addition to tests of the efficiency in controlling the target arthropods, evaluations of the impact of control agents on non-target arthropods can also be reported. Discussion articles, standardization of methods or sampling plans and reviews regarding control agents for arthropods that are related to the objectives of BioAssay can be considered for publication in the Forum section. Articles submitted for publication will be evaluated by adjunct editors and ad hoc reviewers. The creation of BioAssay was discussed and approved by the Board of Directors of the SEB, and according to the Editorial Board of Neotropical Entomology. This initiative was taken in response to the need for a more specialized publication dealing with tests of efficiency in the control of arthropods by the use of different control agents (insecticides, semiochemicals, plant extracts, entomopathogens, etc.).

Commonly, such information has been obtainable mainly in abstracts of Congresses and therefore in extremely simplified form. BioAssay is not intended to compete with Neotropical Entomology, but rather to complement it by publishing articles on Applied Entomology. Therefore, some articles that have been sent to Neotropical Entomology, but that fit better within the editorial line of the new magazine, will be directed to BioAssay with the agreement of the authors.

Articles in BioAssay will be available in html and pdf formats, immediately after they have been accepted and typeset. The inclusion of the journal in the principal national and international indexers of scientific papers in the field of Entomology will be requested in due course. Access to the BioAssay page is unrestricted, which will make possible wide dissemination of this publication.

Hypertext resources (internal and external links), interactivity (user-customizable items such as zoom capabilities, dynamic graphics, and ability to interact with authors) and hypermedia (sound, videos, and animations) can be used, and digital photographs in color can be included at no extra cost. All articles will be integrated into a database by "target arthropod" or "control agent". Therefore, the electronic format of the journal will make possible a highly modern, efficient and rapid publication.


Peer Review Process

Each manuscript will be sent to at least two peer reviewers for evaluation. The authors can suggest five possible reviewers (with their contacts) or request that others be excluded (e.g. when have conflict of interest). The journal adopts a blind review procedure, therefore only the authors are to be made known to reviewers. Upon acceptance of a manuscript, the Subject Editor will send the comments and recommendations of the referees back to the authors, for reformulation as needed.


Open Access Policy

BioAssay is published under the Open Access model and is therefore free for anybody to read and download, and to copy and disseminate for educational purposes, under the terms of the Creative Commons Licence 4.0 (CC-BY) License. 



BioAssay adopts a continuous flow of publication in one annual volume. Articles will be published shortly after acceptance and the final corrections of the master proof have been made.



BioAssay has e-ISSN 1809-8460.


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