Endoterapia como técnica alternativa às pulverizações





infusion, injection, trees, palm trees, phytosanitary defense


Endotherapy is a technique of injection or infusion of phytosanitary products inside the trunk of trees or palm trees, which are subsequently translocated through the plant internal vascular tissues. There are few studies about this science in the Brazilian academic world. Thus, this study aims to review this topic with emphasis on reporting successful experiences in different countries. A significant number of papers shows the advantages of using phytosanitary products infusions and injections in plants to control pests and diseases, when compared to traditional spraying. In endotherapy there is no product drift and, therefore, it is minimal the chance of reaching non-target organisms. Furthermore, the protective effect is more persistent due to the non-exposure of the products to the climate adverse effects. It is currently applied only in small areas in medium and large perennial plants due to its high cost, requiring new technologies for large-scale application. In Brazil, there are few studies about the efficiency of this tactic in phytosanitary management. Furthermore, there are studies to determine residues of fungicides and insecticides in plants through chromatographic techniques. Thus, endotherapy can be an efficient technique for phytosanitary defense.


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